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Why I Home Cook For My Dog?

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Have you ever cooked for your dog at home? Or maybe considered cooking for your dog at home and had no idea where to start? This blog post is going to go into depth on cooking for your dogs at home and the many benefits it has and how you can incorporate our dog child meal mix into your dogs daily diet along with some recipes for homemade dog food. 

The Variety

When you cook for your dog at home you are able to give them a variety of different meal mixes and flavours to give them a mixture of food so they don’t eat the same boring meal every day. Just like how us humans don't enjoy eating the same thing every day. At Dog Child, we have created meal mixes that your pup will love. We have many mix flavours such as Organic Oats and Mixed Berries Meal Mix, Mixed Veggie Meal Mix, and Grain Free Meal Mix. Our mixes can be mixed with different proteins such as ground beef, ground turkey, ground lamb, and ground fish. With this, you are able to give your dog a variety of different flavours and mixes to keep things fresh for your pup.  Your dog will get different nutrients from different vegetables, fruits, grains and proteins. Our meal mixes are formulated so you can add up to 10% of additional food into them providing even more variety.  To make our meal mixes you add your protein of choice, a scoop of our meal mix, water and oil. This makes fresh food for your pup in under 15 minutes. Our meal mix contains probiotics, prebiotics and vitamins in order to ensure your pup is getting all the nutrients they need to thrive. There are so many different ways we have incorporated Dog Child meal mixes into daily cooking for your pup some of these recipes include, beef and zucchini meatballs, turkey and pumpkin meal squares and more. We encourage you to check out our website where we have tons of recipes for your pup to try. 


Many of us while cooking in the kitchen tend to throw out veggie scraps and other items that can actually be used in your dog's food and create less waste in the kitchen. Different scraps such as broccoli stems, carrot peels, lettuce, asparagus, pumpkin, and peas. Next time you are cooking and have scraps to throw out consider adding them to your dogs dinner. These vegetables are high in different vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin K. If your current feeding your dog fresh food you might have noticed all the bulky packaging that comes with shipping these frozen or fresh meals. When you’re cooking at home you don’t have the wasted bulky packaging.

The Cost

When you cook for your dogs at home the cost is significantly lower than if you were to order from a fresh food delivery service. On average it is about 50% savings once you factor in all the ingredients to cook your own dog food instead of buying fresh food.  Also you know exactly what is going into your food. Long term feeding fresh food can have the benefit of preventative health. 

Picky Eaters 

Fresh home cooked nutritionally balanced meals are often preferred by picky eaters. Just like you prefer fresh cooked meals right from the kitchen, so do many dogs. Variety of rotating meals also keeps your picky eater engaged. Dog Child was founded due to Nicole finding it so hard to get her maltese poodle charlotte to eat.   

Nutritional Value

Dog Child Meal Mixes are formulated by pet nutritionists and vets. They have 75 whole food sourced nutrients including probiotics and probiotics as well as vitamins in it to ensure your dog child is getting all the nutrients they need to thrive. It is an all in one nutritional powerhouse - we call it the Athletic Greens for dogs.  

Showing You Love Them

Cooking for your pup at home also gives you the opportunity to bond with your dog and if they struggle with eating because they are picky no worries because Dog Child is fussy eater approved. Just like you cook for your family and friends as a form of love - Dog Child helps make this a new ritual with your pet. We always release special holiday recipes so you can celebrate with your dog as well. 

With our multiple Meal Mixes, different proteins you can add and recipes you can try, Dog Child is the perfect meal mix for your pup.

We encourage you to stay connected with our online recipe page to be up-to-date on recipes we make using our Meal Mixes.