Pumpkin turkey squares on a cutting board with pumpkins behind it

Doggy Turkey Pumpkin Squares

50 minutes
These turkey and pumpkin meal squares will have your pup begging for more
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Blueberry muffins for dogs

Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins

15 minutes
Using our Dog Child Oats & Berries meal mix, we created the perfect breakfast or midday treat for your pup to eat. 
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Box with sweet potato chips and doggy burger in it

Doggy Burgers & Fries

30 minutes
Backyard barbeque season is our favourite season and it can be your pup’s too! These veggie mix beef  burgers are the perfect addition to a BBQ, they’re quick, easy and delicious.
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Mixed Veggie Dog Child Meatloaf

Dog Mixed Veggie Meatloaf

15 minutes
A delicious doggy pup loaf meatloaf style dish we promise your pup won’t be able to resist!
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Lamb in a pot with yogurt, berries and dog child meal mix around it

Lamb & Berries Breakfast Parfait

This breakfast parfait is a fun way to mix up your dog child morning routine. Try making our yogurt parfait recipe for a special occasion. All you need is plant based yogurt, fresh or frozen berrie...
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Muffin tray with broccoli, carrots, and broccoli chicken pucks

Broccoli Stems & Chicken Pucks

A delicious way to get your dog to eat extra veggies while upcycling. A sustainable vitamin-packed treat
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