Board with peanut butter and banana's on it

Doggy Peanut Butter Board

10 minutes
This trendy Peanut Butter Board is the cutest snack to give to your pup, it is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and totally customizable to your pups liking! 
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Apple chips on a cutting board

Tasty Dog Apple Chips

120 minutes
These easy and delicious apple chips are the perfect snack or treat for your pup.
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Banana Pancakes for dogs

Doggy Banana Pancakes

15 minutes
Quick, easy and delicious! These 5 ingredient banana pancakes are the perfect breakfast to kick start you and your pups day.
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Bowl with sweet potato chips in it

Sweet Potato Dog Chews

8 minutes
These sweet potato dog chews are cheap, quick, easy and the most delicious treat for your pup to eat! They are packed with tons of fiber and vitamins and are all natural with the only ingredient be...
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Salmon Skin Image

Crunchy Salmon Skins

35 minutes
This crunchy salmon skin recipe is the perfect way to up-cycle the skin on your salmon. It’s easy, quick, packed with many nutritious benefits and it’s delicious!
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Protein balls

Puppy Protein Balls

These 4 ingredient protein balls are the perfect refuel for your pup. They’re quick and easy and you can enjoy them too.
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watermelon, popsicle mold and bowl

Tiger's Blood Popsicles

4 hours
The perfect refreshing treat for the long weekend!
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Dog on couch eating frozen yogurt bites

Doggy Frozen Yogurt Bites

1 hours
These plant-based frozen yogurt bites are packed with a variety of nutrients to keep your puppy wagging their tail all day long.
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Sliced watermelon with watermelon shaped bones

Canada Day Watermelon Bones

To celebrate Canada Day, we cut our watermelon into dog bone shapes and to make a fun and delicious snack for you and your pup!
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