Our Food

Yes!  If the cooking instructions and ingredients are followed correctly our meal mixes are formulated to be complete and balanced. Otherwise they are for supplemental feeding only.

To ensure your meal is complete and balanced, you must choose between ground chicken 10% fat content, ground turkey 10% fat content, ground beef 10% fat content and ground lamb 20% fat content.  If you use other proteins please use as supplementary or complementary feeding only.

To ensure your meal is complete and balanced, you must add Fish Oil 18% EPA / 12% DHA when cooking with ground chicken and turkey and Olive Oil when cooking with ground lamb and beef. 

After adding in your protein, water and oil let the meal cool before serving. If you pre-made your meal mix and stored it in the fridge or freezer let it thaw and come to room temperature before serving. When ready, simply scoop the appropriate portion based on the serving guidelines on the package and serve.

We recommend limiting additional food to 10% of the overall recipe.

You can store your cooked meals in the fridge or the freezer. You may keep your food in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.   You can store your meals for up to a month in a sealed container in the freezer.  Please allow meals to come up to room temperature before feeding.

Store your Meal Mix indoors, in a cool, dark place. Use a resealable container constructed or tightly seal the original packaging after opening. Prolonged exposure to higher temperatures increases oxidation and reduces shelf life, as does exposure to direct sunlight. Refrigeration of the dry powder is not needed.

Our Meal Mixes are for dogs over 12 months.  We would not recommend feeding our Meal Mixes as the sole source of food to a puppy. We are working on a puppy formula for the future.

We recommend adding bruised fruits and vegetables that would typically be thrown out. These can include broccoli stems, carrot peels, bruised apples etc. Always limit these to 10% of the meal and double check that each ingredient is safe for dog consumption.

Dog Child does not not provide veterinary medical diagnosis and treatment for the prevention, correction, or alleviation of disease. ​Dogs with specific health conditions that require personalized recipes should consult a vet before switching meal plans.

It is entirely dependent on what your dog is allergic to.  Our founder uses ground lamb which has been great for her dog.  If you are unsure - talk to your vet or consult a nutritionist to find the right blend and protein for your dog.

Yes, Dog Child Meal Mixes are formulated for small, medium and large breeds. Follow our feeding guide and adjust your pets meals according to their weight and activity levels.

When feeding your Dog Child twice a day we reccomend the following:

Under 20 lbs - 1 Bag
20-35 lbs - 2 Bags
35-70 lbs - 3 Bags
70- 90 lbs - 4-5 Bags

Each bag makes 12 lbs of cooked meals

Yes! In order to have a complete and balanced meal you must add cooked ground meat, oil, and water to your Meal Mix.

Yes.  Our cooked meals can complement your dog's current food as a topper.  Any amount of fresh food can make a positive difference in your dog’s health. 

We encourage you to mix up your protein’s! Rotating proteins adds variety to your dogs diet and will keep them from getting bored and ultimately make them less picky. That said, if your dog prefers one protein over the others, you are welcome to stick with one!

No. Do not add the Essential Nutrients to the Dog Child Meal Mixes. Our Meal Mixes already have the optimal amount of Essential Nutrients Mix in them. Adding more would unbalance the nutrients and could affect your dog's health.

Yes, when properly prepared they’ve been formulated to meet or exceed the Adult Maintenance Standards.

Packaging and shipping

We ship across Canada and while we haven’t formally launched in the U.S.A, we can still ship there.

We ship Dog Child products from a warehouse outside of Toronto using a courier or parcel service.

For orders under $75, there is a flate rate of $5 for orders shipped within Canada and $10 for orders shipped to the U.S.A.

We offer free shipping for orders above $75.

We are based in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Shopify Pay.

Dogs can take time to transition to a new diet. We recommend testing out the different ground  proteins and slowly adding the new diet to their current diet. 

If issues continue to persist we recommend discussing with your pet’s veterinarian. There are a number of other causes that could be taking place such as digestive issues, food sensitivities or allergies, dental problems, etc.   If you have any questions, just let us know - we are happy to help!

We will gladly accept the return of any products that you are not 100% completely satisfied with for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Nutritional Information

Dog Child’s Meal Mixes are formulated by a team of animal nutritionists and vets. These experts ensure that our recipes are formulated to meet the nutrition pets need to optimize their health and longevity. All ingredients are added with a meaningful purpose.

Subscription Facts

To pause your subscription log into your account. Go to “Manage Account”, you will see a “Manage Subscriptions”. From there you can pause or cancel your subscription.

To change your delivery address log into your account. Go to “Manage Account”, you will see Delivery Addresses. From there you can edit your address. If your package has already shipped email us at woof@dogchild.co and we will work on a solution with you.

Company Info

Our Legal Name is: The Animals Kitchen

Located at: 333 Bay Street Unit 2400Toronto ON, M5H2T6 Canada