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Give Your Dog The BEST In Nutrition With Our Meal Mixes

In just 15 minutes a week you can cook fresh, complete and balanced, delicious meals for your pup.

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Formulated by Vets and Pet Nutritionists

  • +75 Whole-Food Sourced Nutrients

  • Formulated by Veterinarians and Pet Nutritionists

  • Our Meal Mixes Support Digestion, Health and Immunity

  • Organic Ingredients

  • Superfoods For a Healthy Skin and Coat

  • Picky Eater Approved!

  • Prepare in Just 15 Minutes a Week

  • Proudly Made in Canada

How to Prepare Our Meal Mixes


Dog Child Meal Mix 1 3/4 cups + 1 cup of water

Cook Protein

Add 1 lbs of cooked protein - ground chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, pork or cod & egg or if you prefer raw


Mogether with 1 tablespoon of oil.


Nurture your pet with goodness, can be served warm or cold. Bon appetit!

All The Vital Nutrients For Your Dog in One Place

Great for picky eaters, those with allergies and the health concious. Our plant forward Meal Mixes turn every meal into a tasty, whole food-based and vitamin-packed experience, something traditional kibble just cant touch.

Why Choose Dog Child ?

Supports Long Term Health and Longevity

Fresh food is proven increase your dog's life span.  

Sustainability - We use small format packaging, upcycled ingredients and show you how to reduce food waste at home.

Complete Control Over Ingredients

You know exactly what is going into your dog's meal.  

Love - What's a better way to show your dog just how much you love them than with a nutritious home cooked meal?

All in One Nutiriton

Includes probotics, omegas & 75 whole food nutrients.

All in One Nutrition - Our Meal Mixes include prebiotics, omegas and +75 whole-food sourced nutrients so you don't need to add in multiple supplements at meal time.
We all say we want the best for our dogs. Now lets start cooking!


In just 15 minutes a week you can meal prep.


Home cooked meal is the ultimate form of love.


We all say we want the best for our dogs. Now you can do it with food!

Our pups love us just as much as we love them!


How many meals are in a bag?

Are your products complete and balanced?

How do I make the food?

Can I add any protein to the Meal Mixes?

How does Dog Child formulate their mixes?

How many meals are in a bag?

Dog's Weight

# Meals Per Bag

# Meals When Used As Topper

5 lbs



10 lbs



15 lbs



20 lbs



25 lbs



30 lbs



35 lbs



50 lbs



60 lbs



70 lbs



80 lbs



90 lbs




Topper = 10% of a Dog's Meal

Each bag makes 15 lbs of food.

Requires 5.7 lbs of protein to mix with each bag


Are your products complete and balanced?

Yes! If the cooking instructions and ingredients are followed correctly, our Meal Mixes are formulated to make complete and balanced meals. Otherwise they are for supplemental feeding only.

How do I make the food?

You make the food in just 3 easy steps. Mix in 1 lb of your cooked protein of choice (beef, lamb, turkey, chicken or pork), 1 3/4 cups Meal Mix, 1 tbsp oil, and 1 cup of water. Follow the feeding guide on your packaging for the correct portion & Bon Appetit!

Can I add any protein to the Meal Mixes?

To ensure your meal is complete and balanced, you can choose between ground chicken 10% fat content, ground turkey 10% fat content, ground beef 10% fat content, ground lamb 20% fat content and ground pork 14% fat content. You can use our cod and egg recipe with our Grain Free and Organic Oats and Berries. If you use other proteins the meals will be for supplementary feeding only.

How does Dog Child formulate their mixes?

Dog Child’s Meal Mixes are formulated by a team of animal nutritionists and vets. These experts ensure that our recipes are formulated to meet the nutrition pets need to optimize their health and longevity. All ingredients are added with a meaningful purpose.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

At Dog Child, we are dedicated to helping dog parents provide the best possible nutrition at mealtime.

If for any reason you or your dog are not completely satisfied with our meal mixes, please let us know and we will happily refund your purchase.

Ready to give your dog the best meal of their life?

Order now and get ready to see the difference in your pup's health and happiness.