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6 Easy Chicken Homemade Recipes for Dogs

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6 Easy Chicken Homemade Recipes for Dogs

Chicken is an affordable healthy protein to feed your dog. Below are some of our favorite chicken recipes that we frequently cook for our dogs. Making simple changes such as swapping out processed store bought treats to homemade can go a long way in your dog’s long term health. When you cook for your dog you also know that you’re sourcing healthy human grade ingredients. Mixing in fresh veggies or fruit with the chicken is a great way to boost your dog’s meals. A study by Frontiers in Veterinary Science found dogs who eat whole foods have decreased inflammation & better immune function. We hope you and your dog enjoy our recipes below.


1. Homemade Chicken Pot Pup Pie

Chicken Pup Pot Pie

It doesn’t get better than a chicken pot pie - just like Grandma used to make. Your dog will go crazy for the broth-y, tender, flavourful vegetables, covered in tasty chicken. This DIY dog food will have your dog begging for more. You can cook the chicken ahead of time or in the same pan, as you go. 

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2. Air Fried Chicken Jerky for Dogs

Chicken Jerky For Dogs

Make these easy at-home chicken jerky treats for your dogs using your air fryer! In just 90 minutes you'll have a week's worth of treats for your pup for half the price!

3. Homemade Chicken & Banana Nutritionally Balanced Meal for Dogs

Chicken and Bannana

Made with ground chicken, bananas, and nutrient-dense seeds, this meal offers a flavour combination that your pup will love. Chicken provides lean protein, while bananas supply essential vitamins and minerals. Meanwhile, flaxseed and hemp seeds contribute healthy fats, fiber, and antioxidants to keep your dog's coat shiny and their immune system strong. Easy to make and perfect for dog parents who prefer to know exactly what goes into their dog's food.

Omega Oil

Add this to your dog's daily diet to promote better health and well-being. Using human grade fish oil that provides balanced EPA and DHA for a great skin and coat, better joint health, heart health and with a boost of energy. 

4. Chicken & Rice Casserole Recipe for Dogs

Chicken Casserole

Spoil your pup with a home cooked meal this weekend!  Easy to make with simple, wholesome ingredients. This yummy dish includes chicken breasts, brown rice, frozen vegetables, a touch of sunflower oil, and our Dog Child Essential Nutrients Mix, everything we know your pup will love! 

5. Home Prepared Chicken & Broccoli Recipe for Dogs

Broccoli and Chicken Recipe

We love upcycling. What better way to get rid of broccoli stems and wilting spinach than to bake your dog child a delicious treat? These Pucks are a healthy, energy-boosting recipe for your dog. Intended to be served occasionally as a treat, they give your dog the boost they need after a long walk or run in the park!

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Mixed Veggie Meal Mix

If you’re looking for an easy way to add extra veggies to your dog’s diet then look no further than our Dog Child Mixed Veggie Meal Mix. Filled with essential nutrients your dog needs to thrive along with sweet potato, broccoli, pumpkin and leafy green kale. You simply mix in with water and your dog’s protein of choice and you have a homemade meal or topper for your dog.

6. Baked Oats with Ground Chicken for Dogs

Baked Chicken and Oats

Make our Baked Oats Homemade Ground Chicken Dog Food Recipe that is nutritionally balanced using Dog Child's easy Meal Mixes.  This recipe makes meal prep so simple and provides your dog with a healthy boost of antioxidant-rich berries.   Enjoy watching your dog enjoy every bite of this nutritious dish!