Blueberry-Peanut-Butter-Dog-Ice-Cream Dog Child

Blueberry Peanut Butter Dog Ice Cream

1 hours
Cool down your pup with our homemade Blueberry Peanut Butter Dog Ice Cream! This easy recipe is packed with antioxidants, protein, and will boost your dog's gut & skin health. Perfect for a hot...
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dog frozen topper

5 Minute Homemade Dog Food Topper Salmon, Mango & Cucumber

5 minutes
This 5 Minute Homemade Dog Food Topper costs only $5 and lasts a month.   Adding a simple topper to your dog’s meals is one the best ways to boost their health.  This simple blend of salmon, mango...
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peach dog ice cream

Peach Pup Dog Ice Cream Recipe

4-6 hours
Cool down your pup with our Peach Pup Dog Ice Cream Recipe! Made with fresh peaches and coconut milk, this easy-to-make treat is both refreshing and nutritious.   We added in almond butter as dogs ...
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Watermelon-Ahiflower-Dog-Gummy-Recipe-for-Shiny-Coat Dog Child

Watermelon Ahiflower Dog Gummy Recipe for Shiny Coat

2-3 hours
If your dog loves watermelon and you want to give your dog more omegas then you need to make these 3-Ingredient Gummies. Made with real fruit, all natural beef gelatin and our secret ingredient Wag...
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Homemade Air Fried Salmon Jerky for Dogs |  Salmon Dog Treats Recipe

Homemade Air Fried Salmon Jerky for Dogs | Salmon Dog Treats Recipe

50-60 minutes
Treat your dog to these 1 ingredient homemade salmon jerky strips. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, that help maintain a healthy, shiny coat and can reduce itching and inflammation associated with ...
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Berry-Allergy-Dog-Treat-Recipe Dog Child

Berry Allergy Dog Treat Recipe

5 minutes
It’s allergy season! Does your dog have itchy skin? Try this antioxidant-packed treat recipe to bring relief. Fresh ingredients like strawberries, blueberries, and apples act as natural antihistami...
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High-Fibre-Dog-Treat-Recipe-for-Diarrhea-or-Constipation Dog Child

High Fibre Dog Treat Recipe for Diarrhea or Constipation

0 minutes
Does your dog have constipation or diarrhoea? We've got you covered, these 3 items are our go to to when having digestive problems
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Veggie-Cheese-Dog-Treat-Recipe-How-Do-you-make-sweet-potato-dog-treats Dog Child

Veggie & Cheese Dog Treat Recipe - How Do You Make Sweet Potato Dog Treats

30 minutes
Do you have trouble getting your pup to eat their veggies? Your dog will go crazy for these homemade Veggie & Cheese Dog Treat Recipe. This nutritious and delicious recipe merges the sweet, hea...
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2 Ingredient Cheddar Gold Fish - Dog Treat Recipe Easy

2 Ingredient Cheddar Goldfish - Dog Treat Recipe Easy

10 minutes
Easy and flavorful Two-Ingredient Cheddar Goldfish Dog Treats recipe. With just cheddar cheese and almond flour, you can create a yummy snack for your dog in no time. Your pup will go crazy for the...
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