Top Dog Training Tips

Top Dog Training Tips

By Dog Child


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Training a dog is fun but needs a lot of hard work and implementation of an effective strategy that works well for your dog. Like humans, not all dogs are the same. Each of them has a unique behavior and demand that should be considered if you are planning to adopt one for your family too. In this blog post, we have crafted some unique and functional tips from dog training Melbourne experts to equip you with the long-lasting rewards of training your dog. Let’s get started to learn more.

Efficient Dog Training Tips

Adopt Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is the method in which we encourage the behavior that we desire to be a part of our dog’s personality. It is considered to be the most effective method of fostering good behavior in dogs by rewarding them for their positive behavior and reinforcing the idea that good things come with good behavior in their mind. However, it does not go the other way as punishing the dog for their bad behavior. For instance, if your dog is barking at you to get your attention, ignore them until they come up with a good way.

Find the Right Reward

Not all dogs show the same behavior toward the same thing. Some will get attracted to some good treats while others love a nice toy or playful time with their owner more than anything edible. If you are planning to go with the positive reinforcement techniques, select the right reward for your dog that can be the attention grabber and keep them enthusiastic during their learning journey.

Be Short and Consistent

The little puppies are just like human babies whose minds are like blank notebooks when they are born. You can never expect to learn everything in a single day. Rather, cut your training into small sessions like 5 to 10 minutes a day, and be consistent in your teaching method. Use the same phrases for a single scenario in different settings to assist them in learning the generalized commands which are difficult for them to apply in different situations if not trained properly.

Involve Your Family

Both you and your family have to be on the same page to effectively train your dog. If you dislike something to be a part of your dog’s personality, it should not be habitual in your family members too. Moreover, you and your partner should be on the same page while training your dog otherwise the pet can get confused. For instance, if you are not allowing your dog to get on the couch, your other family members should discourage it too.

Make it Fun

Never that well-behaved dogs learn it all in a single day. They gradually make progress at a younger age and grow up into a well-trained adult. Same is the thing with your little puppy because they are pets after all. Make the learning fun for them by incorporating it into their playtime, so they can maintain their attention and learn when their entire body is in the stimulated state. Award them for each little step they make; they hang on to it and adopt positive behavior as a personality trait.

Use the Hand Gestures

Your dog does not have the instinctive trait to understand English. However, they have better instincts to understand hand gestures. Research has shown that the use of hand gestures has a better impact on the dog’s learning than verbal communication. Your dog understands your body language better than your English. Hence, use the hand gestures to command your dogs.

Get Assistance

If you are a new dog parent and do not know how to start, it is better to consult a dog trainer to understand the pet’s behavior. Moreover, many of them will be offering their personalized pet training classes to assist you with any issue that you are facing with training your dog. Do your research and contact the well-reputed dog trainer for the training consultations.

Final Words

In conclusion, the basis of training a dog lies in understanding the nature of your dog and figuring out a personalized approach to ease their learning. Get your family on the same page and use positive reinforcement techniques to nurture good behavior in your pet. Get PK9 gear to effectively train your dogs. If still you face any issues, consult any dog trainer to find a way out.