Homemade Recipe Review Dog Child
Homemade Dog Food Recipe Review by Certfied Canine Nutritionist Dog Child

Homemade Dog Food Recipe Review by Certified Canine Nutritionist

Have a nutritionist review your homemade dog food recipes. A certified nutritionist will review your ingredients and make recommendations to ensure the meal is balanced for your specific dog. They will suggest new ingredients to make the recipe balanced using both whole foods and optional supplements. You will get a detailed feeding and portion guide as well.


  • One recipe to be reviewed by Katie McCaul a registered dog nutritionist
  • This is done over email and includes follow-up questions
  • Your recipe review will be completed in 3 business days

About our Nutritionist - Katie McCaul VN BSc DipNat ANutR 

Katie is one of the leading certified nutritionists in the world specializing in homemade dog food.  Katie consults with both healthy dogs looking to optimize their health & longevity and takes an evidence-based approach to dogs with health issues ranging from allergies to pancreatitis.  She has an Honours Bachelor of Science in Animal Physiology & Behaviour and Diplomacy Naturopathy specializing in nutrition.  Katie practiced as a lead veterinary nurse seeing hands-on the role of nutrition in dogs.   

Katie has formulated fresh dog food recipes for several companies.  She is an educator to the veterinary community on the benefits of home cooking and fresh feeding.  Katie supports dog parents in their nutrition journey and provides unbiased science-backed advice for home-cooked diets.



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