can dogs eat chickpeas

Can dogs eat chickpeas?

Many times people wonder if what they’re eating is okay for their pup to eat too, but before you give into those puppy dog eyes you should always check to make sure.
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As a pet parent, it is important to do your research on what is safe and not safe for your cherished furry friend to eat. Many times people wonder if what they’re eating is okay for their pup to eat too, but before you give into those puppy dog eyes, you should always check to make sure. Even when something seems like it could be fine to feed your dog, it can end up with a trip to the vet or worse. While we’ve reviewed some other foods and their dog-friendliness, what’s up with chickpeas? Can your dog enjoy those protein-packed snacks too? Let’s take a look. 


Chickpeas are often found in soups, salads, snacks, and stews for humans. Further, many vegetarians and vegans opt for these beans when cooking as they’re packed with tons of vitamins, nutrients and protein. Chickpeas have Mediterranean and Middle Eastern roots and make up tons of different dishes. One of the more popular dishes chickpeas can be found in is hummus. Chickpeas have tons of fiber, protein, vitamin K, folate, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and the list goes on. So, while it’s not recommended you feed your dog anything without doing research first, dogs may reap the health benefits from a small amount of chickpeas being added to their diet. 


As mentioned, chickpeas are packed with tons of health benefits for humans that also transfer over to the canine community. Chickpeas can also help with a variety of different health issues your pup may run into. 

For example, for dogs who are more prone to constipation and digestive issues, feeding your pup chickpeas may help as they are packed with tons of fiber. The fiber in chickpeas can work to help regulate bowel movements and prevent constipation. 

Another way in which chickpeas can help is with inflammatory issues. Many dogs may face issues such as arthritis as they get older. Adding chickpeas to your dog's diet can improve their pain and inflammation. Chickpeas contain choline which reduces chronic inflammation and assists in nerve impulse transmission, keeping your pup comfortable. 

Chickpeas can also help with obesity. Many dogs suffer from obesity which can make it extremely difficult for pet parents to figure out what to feed their pup. Foods high in fiber, like chickpeas, increase your dog's feeling of fullness, making them go longer without needing more food. This will help your dog consume less and prevent you from feeding them more. 

Incorporating them into their diet

There are many ways you can incorporate chickpeas into your dog's diet. You can include them just as a simple snack, as part of their dinner, or you can even bake with them. 

One way we’ve incorporated chickpeas into our brand is in our Grain-free meal mix. Our Grain-Free Meal Mix uses a blend of coconut, pumpkin, chickpeas and peas to create the perfect balanced mixture for your dog's next meal. This mixture was specifically formulated to help support digestion and gut health for those pups that need a little extra care. Mixing our Grain-Free Mix with your choice of protein makes for the perfect balanced meal to support your dog's specific needs.

We encourage you to stay connected with our online recipe page to be up-to-date on recipes we make using our new grain-free mix!