shepherd's pie with peas and corn and carrots around it

Dog Child Shepherd's Pie

30 minutes
This Shepherd's Pie is easy to make and is the perfect way to give your pup a break from dehydrated or pre-packaged food. It is packed with all the flavours that your pup will go crazy for!
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Homemade-Chicken-Dog-Food-Recipe-Vet-Approved Dog Child

Slow Cooker Homemade Chicken & Quinoa Dog Food Recipe Vet Approved

8 hours
This recipe comes from the kitchen of one of our passionate community members Angela.  She has a cute golden retriever named Goose who she started cooking homemade dog food for and has never looked...
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Homemade-Liver-Treats-for-Dogs Dog Child

Homemade Liver Treats for Dogs

30 minutes
Does your dog love liver treats? This is a perfect healthy homemade twist on the store bought treats
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Baked-Oats-Homemade-Ground-Chicken-Dog-Food-Recipe Dog Child

Baked Oats Homemade Ground Chicken Dog Food Recipe

50 minutes
Make our Baked Oats Homemade Ground Chicken Dog Food Recipe that is nutritionally balanced using Dog Child's easy Meal Mixes.  This recipe makes meal prep so simple and provides your dog with a hea...
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Chicken casserole recipe for dogs

Chicken & Rice Casserole Recipe for Dogs

1.5 hours
Ever heard of a casserole for pups? Make your dog their very own homemade chicken and rice casserole! A complete and balanced fresh food recipe featuring our Dog Child Essential Nutrients Mix. Even...
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Sweet Potato Recipe for Dogs

Smashed Sweet Potatoes & Homemade Chicken for Dogs

5 minutes
Does your dog want to join in on the smashed potato trend? Here is how to make an easy healthy sweet potato homemade meal for your dog.  We even included our Grain Free Meal Mix along with ground c...
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chicken recipe dog food

Chicken Thighs and Berries Dog Food Recipe

10 minutes
Treat your dog to a wholesome, homemade meal dog food with chicken with this delicious Chicken Thigh and Berries dog food recipe!! Packed with protein-rich chicken thigh, antioxidant-rich berries, ...
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Chicken, Banana and Seed Delight Dog Child

Chicken, Banana and Seed Delight

10 minutes
You might be wondering how to make dog food with chicken? Well, look no further - introducing a delicious, nutritious, and healthy recipe for your pup: Chicken, Banana, and Seed Delight! This homem...
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Grain Free Meal Prep Pops Dog Child

Grain Free Meal Prep Pops

15 minutes
These bites of deliciousness are so easy to make and you'll have enough to last the week with just one ice cube tray – saving time, energy, and of course money.
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