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Easy Simple Single Ingredient Dog Treat Recipes

Dogs eat some of the most processed foods in the world.  Making homemade dog treats is an easy and simple way to improve your dog’s nutrition.

Make Simple, Easy, Single Ingredient Dog Treat Recipes

Dogs eat some of the most processed foods in the world.  Making homemade dog treats is an easy and simple way to improve your dog’s nutrition.  Plus homemade dog treats have the added bonus of saving money by not buying low quality processed treats at the store..  Best of all the recipes below only require 1 simple ingredient so these are so easy to make.  Since you’re sourcing your own ingredients for the treats you know they are 100% human grade and can opt for organic ingredients if you like as well.  We swear our dogs know when we are making them treats and they feel extra special.  Below are 8 simple single ingredient treat recipes that  your dog is sure to love! 

There's no better way to show our love than through delicious and healthy Dog Treat Recipes. Every dog parent wants to give their pup the best treats, but sometimes, treats from the store are laden with unhealthy additives. So, why not create your own simple, easy, and single ingredient treats at home?

This blog shares a range of Dog Treat Recipes that are easy to make with just a single ingredient. These recipes are not just mouth-watering but are also packed with nutrients to keep your dog healthy. From Banana Dog treats, Chicken Jerky to Sweet Potato Dog Chews, these recipes are an absolute favorite among dogs!

Let's dive into the world of homemade dog treats and explore some of the best Single Ingredient Dog Treat Recipes. Each recipe is unique, easy to make, and surely loved by your dog. Plus, each treat recipe includes tips for serving sizes, storage, and any necessary precautions, ensuring your dog enjoys the treat while staying healthy.

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  1. Homemade Air Fryer Chicken Jerky Treats

Discover a budget-friendly and wholesome treat for pup with our homemade Chicken Jerky recipe! Follow our simple steps and watch your pups go crazy for it!

  1. Sweet Potato Air Fryer Dog Treats

Air Fryer Sweet Potato Dog Treats! The perfect healthy alternative to store bought dog treats. Not only are they better for your pups health, they are cost effective at less than 2 cents per treat and unbelievably simple to make! 

Looking for more recipes? 

  1. Air Fryer Chicken Hearts

Air fried chicken hearts for dogs - the steps to this recipe may be simple, but the nutrients your dog will consume are endless! All you’ll need is a pack of chicken hearts from your local grocery store or butcher, oil, an air fryer, and a Dog Child! 

  1. Crunchy Salmon Skins Dog Homemade Treat Recipe

This crunchy salmon skin recipe is the perfect way to up-cycle the skin on your salmon. It’s easy, quick, packed with many nutritious benefits and delicious!

  1. Banana Chip Dog Treat Recipe

Ditch your store bought treats! These yummy Banana Chips are so easy to make! With just 4 easy steps you will have the healthiest treat for your dog!

  1. 1-Ingredient Parmesan Rind

Turn your parmesan rinds into healthy homemade dog treats! Chop up the rinds, put them in the microwave, and watch them puff up into the perfect bite size treat for your pup. Save money on dog treats and make them at home! 


  1. Tasty Dog Apple Chips

With only 1 ingredient, these apple chips are simple, delicious, and nutritious. Apples are the perfect source of fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants. These apple chips can be fed as a simple snack, treat or even mixed in with their food.

  1. Sweet Potato Dog Chews

Cooking for your pup doesn’t have to be difficult and it also doesn’t have to be expensive. These sweet potato dog chews are one of the quickest and cheapest treats you can make for your dog and they also happen to be a favourite among dogs. With the only ingredient being sweet potato, these treats are filled with tons of vitamins and nutrients your dog needs in their diet, while remaining extremely healthy.

Creating easy and simple single-ingredient dog treats isn't just about filling your pup's treat jar; it's about celebrating the joy of cooking for your dog. These uncomplicated recipes not only provide simple and cheap treats but also offer the satisfaction of knowing exactly what goes into their treats. Whether it's a crunchy apple chip or a sweet potato dog chew, cooking for your dog is one of the best ways to boost their health & longevity. Happy treating!