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Dog Child was born when I started to home cook for my dog Charlotte.  She was an extremely picky eater and home cooked meals were the only thing she loved to eat. I was shocked to learn that 95% of the recipes found online for dog’s lacked essential nutrients and many home cooking recipes included difficult to find ingredients.  I then spent a full year working with vets and nutritionists to develop recipes and products that are nutritionally complete and easy for for dog parents to make.   I know that feeding fresh food is not only the healthiest option but it also a way I show my dogs just how much I love them. 

Nicole Marchand

Founder & CEO


Dr. Paul Dick

Veterinarian Advisor

James Pendergast

Pet Food Consultant

Serge Boutet

Animal Nutrition Consultant

Simple Nutritious Delicious

Welcome to Dog Child - where we believe that feeding your dog fresh, nutritious food is the best way to show them just how much you care. From homemade recipes to Meal Mixes, we’re here for nutritionally minded dog-lovers like you, looking for responsible and nutrient-packed ways to feed your dog children the way you’d feed yourself. We see your dog is a part of the family, and they deserve the best. We are here to raise your expectations of what a dog food company should be!

Dog Child Co

Remastering what it means to give our pets a home cooked meal

We are here to make home cooking easy, nutritionally balanced and something your dog(s) absolutely loves. We know that home cooking is the number one thing we can do for our dog’s health and longevity and we want to empower you. 

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