berries for dogs

Which Berries are Good for Dogs?

As dog parents, who are passionate about feeding our dog’s fresh whole foods. We carefully choose their food and treats, making sure they’re getting all the necessary nutrients to live their best l...
herbs for dogs

Herbs for Dogs: Is Parsley Good for Dogs? Is Basil Safe for Dogs? Is Ginger safe for Dogs? Is Rosemary Safe for Dogs? Rosemary for Dogs. Is Thyme Safe for dogs? Oregano for Dogs? Herb Safe for Dogs.

As home cooking dog parents we are always looking for healthy ingredients to add into our pups homemade dog food or treats.  We love to incorporate herbs into our homemade meals so want to explore ...
seeds for dogs

Why You Should Consider Adding Seeds to Your Dog's Diet: Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin Seeds? Can dogs eat Sunflower Seeds? Can Dogs Eat Sesame Seeds? Are Chia Seeds Good for Dogs? Are Flax Seeds Good for Dogs? Poppy Seeds for Dogs?

Seeds can be a go-to to add extra nutrients to your dog's food and are often used in homemade treats for dogs. But did you know that not all seeds are safe for your pup? Let’s explore the different...
Upcycle Vegetables for your dog

Upcycling Food Scraps into Your Dog's Homemade Meals and Treats for a More Sustainable Lifestyle

As a dog parent, have you ever felt guilty about throwing away food?  If the answer is yes we have a solution for you:  UPCYCLING! Upcycling is the process of taking something that would have been ...
vegetables for dogs

Spring Vegetables for Your Dog to Eat: Fresh Whole Foods and Easy Vegetable Recipes for Your Dog

As we move into spring, it's the perfect time to start incorporating fresh whole foods into your dog's diet. Let's explore some of the best spring vegetables for your dog and share some easy treat ...
egg for dogs

Everything you need to know about Dogs & Eggs: Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

For dog parents looking to cook or incorporate fresh foods into their dog’s diets, eggs are a great source of protein and other nutrients. Read on to learn more about eggs for dogs and how you can ...
lick mats for dogs

Your Guide to Everything Lick Mat: Lick Mat Recipes for Dogs, Lick Mat Ideas, DIY Lick Mats, and More!

Are you looking for new ways to enrich your pup’s life? A lick mat for dogs is a great way to do just that! Read on to learn the benefits of lick mats for dogs, Dog Child favorites, doggy lick mat ...
food dogs can't eat

Five Dangerous Common Foods to Avoid When Home Cooking for Your Dog

No matter how much we love our pets, there are certain human foods that simply aren’t safe for them – even if they beg us! It is important when using human foods to always read the labels.
dog birthday party, pawty

A Guide to Throwing The Ultimate Dog Birthday Party: Dog Party Supplies, Dog Birthday Cakes, Dog Pupcakes, Dog Birthday Outfits, and More!

Dog parents and dog lovers, throwing a doggie birthday bash for your pup can be one of the most fun activities ever!  To help you plan the ultimate dog birthday party, here are some tips on how to ...